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    Towns and Villages of Derbyshire
    We are available In Store, Online, by Messenger or Phone
  • Schools and Colleges
    Supporting Our Education System
    With Repairs, New Technolgy and System Integration
  • Helping Business
    Cost Effective Maintenance and Growth
    From EPOS, Web/APP Development, Systems and Marketing
  • Our Proud Forces
    When Fast Turnaround Is Essential
    Accidental Damage to General Wear and Tear

Local People, Schools and Businesses

Your Local Tech Store™ is completely focused on delivering the best customer service to our local towns, villages, schools, colleges to councils, businesses, NHS, police and fire services. 

We offer a range of points of contact, from traditional phone methods, social messaging such as Facebook and our online website that includes our online booking system for repairs. 

With our respected 5-Star rated customer service, your enquiry is important to us, as we ensure each service we provide is practiced with honesty, efficiently and most of all a customer service that can not be beaten. 

Our services include the retail sale of technology, a full centre for electronic repairs, business support and development, business strategy, software production for backend services, web sites, Mobile Apps, and cost effective marketing development. 

Local People

Local People

Covering the whole of Derbyshire, we are located in the centre of Clowne and offer a Retail outlet, collection/drop off services, and postal services. 

We are a big believer in the right to repair, saving our customers time and money on broken / accidental damage to the technology you have invested in. 

Our repair and electronic technology services include - but are not limited to - mobile phones, tablets, laptops, computers, games consoles, controllers, smart watches, smart TVs, and projectors.

Offering a range of today products, whether new, refurbished or exchange, our stock can be viewed either within our retail outlet or by our web site. 

Delivering the best service to our customer base as possible, your experience at Your Local Tech Store™ will meet all expectations, as we continue to listen to demands and grow our business. 

Schools | Collages 

Schools | Collages 

Technology is so important in todays learning and this is why we are constantly supporting our schooling sectors. Weather this will be the supply for the right technology for budget, a students broken laptop or a teacher looking for a software solution. Here at Your Local Tech Store, we cover a range of solutions and are optimised for fast and cost effective delivery. 

Broken equipment seems to be a common issue, from laptops screens to tablets and with our repairs services, your repair is expedited in our queue. 

Looking for the next generation of technology for your learning strategies? We offer a Free consultation to help our echo system of learning, as we offer all advice against computer and software systems for your needs. 

We pride ourselves working with local schools and collages. 



Is a key role for Your Local Tech Store™ and something we really enjoy doing. Technology now plays a larger part than ever for all types of businesses today. From new start-up to existing businesses, we offer a range of services that help growth, be more efficient and effective, business planning,  marketing solutions and most of all make and save you money. 

If it's a migration from old technology to new, we can help you with that too. Lots of businesses have been founded on old technology, computer or systems that are no longer supported. With downtime in mind we can create a plan and deliverables that ensures a smooth transition. 

A plan is key to success, with a critical path in mind and execution, from backend services, website development, EPOS systems, to marketing deliverables and expenditure in the right place, our strategies ensures the right decision and time is spent in the correct areas. 

So whether you're looking to create or upgrade your old website, develop a new mobile APP , help with your marketing,  or just need monthly 24/7 support, we are here to help our local businesses all the way. 

Our Forces

Our Forces

We have a large amount of respect of all our forces and help in anyway we can. If it's for work or personal use, our Forces need every support they can receive. 

Technology now plays a larger part than ever, if its your signature received for a delivery parcel from the Royal Mail, or to view your X-ray at your local doctors on a iPad, technology is everywhere. 

We offer a fast track service for personal related to our forces for personal and work use and in addition, offer the use of Blue Card discount against all our products and services. 

Our general repairs for the forces consist of broken mobile phones, tablets and laptops that have either ground to a halt or have damaged screens. 

If you are a part of today forces, we would like to thank you for your work and welcome your business at Your Local Tech Store™. 
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